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The SE-KZI is of the Alpha 160Ai model and was manufactured in 2008.

The aircraft is approved for advanced flight and the G tolerance is set from -3g to +6g!

With a 160hp Lycoming engine, equipped with injection system, inverted fuel and oil system and dry battery, this allows us to fly inverted in level flight for longer than is possible with normal fuel and oil system.

In addition to a good balance in the flight controls and a harmonious behaviour that lets the most clumsy of the clumsy feel "a little bit good", the plane is equipped with a spin fin under the fuselage that provides very safe spin characteristics.

The modern instrumentation, full plexiglass canopy and extra long-range tanks also make it a formidable sightseeing machine to take on longer trips. It is, for example, perfect for flying over to Læsø in less than half an hour.

In short, a very fun plane to fly both for beginners and the slightly more driven pilots. This plane should simply be experienced.

SE-KLV is of the Piper PA28-181 Archer II model and was built in 1981.

With worthy characteristics, the PA-28 makes its way through the air in a way that is reminiscent of an American car. The large wing gives a weight and stability to the movements that is very noticeable.

The aircraft is very comfortable, not least for the passengers. The PA-28 is loadable for its size and is one of the few four-seater aircraft that can carry four adults with some luggage on a decent journey. Essentially, KLV is a good travelling companion and equipped accordingly.

With just over 1150kg take-off weight, you can comfortably get from A to B at about 230km/h and with a range of about 4.5 hours.

In short, a well-equipped and easy-to-fly aircraft suitable for both training and private tours with friends.

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