Want to become a pilot?

Chalmers Flying club's flight school started in 1963, with the first pilot graduating in 1964. Since then, we have been dedicated to flight training and are today one of the older flight schools in Sweden.

To get the privilege to fly yourself, you need to start by getting a pilot's licence. With us you can choose between a PPL or LAPL. Both licences give you the freedom to operate single-engine piston aircraft under VFR (Visual Flight Rules), during daylight hours. This means that you cannot fly in clouds, poor visibility or darkness.

The theoretical training is the same for both licences, while the practical training differs in flight time and content.

SE-KLV at Backamo airfield 2022
SE-KLV at Backamo airfield 2022

Having trouble deciding whether to take a PPL or LAPL?

Get in touch with us and we will guide you!

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Chalmers flying club is an approved DTO (SE.DTO.0031) in accordance with the requirements of the Swedish CAA, Transportstyrelsen.